Valorbit free coin problems!

Several months ago, I was on Zapchain as usual until I found this really interesting article about Valorbit. As a read through the article, it could be interesting to check out this so called "Valorbit" because it might go big and I want to be there to cover the news on it.

Well, certainly, it did go big and I have to say, 922 trillion Valorbits is the supply which is greater than any cryptocurrency's supply, even Dogecoin's. With such a high supply, there is very little demand for it and plus, when Valorbit reaches 922 trillion in circulation, it could either lose 99.9% of its value or become the currency of the world with such a large number of them.

Signing up was easy but I signed up via a referral link which gave me a 1000 VAL signup bonus. Originally I thought that this might be worth something but after learning about the enormous supply, I rethought about it. Honestly, 922 trillion is enough for a Counter-Party token.

Recently, Valorbit managed to get onto C-Cex's cryptocurrency exchange by popular vote and is now traded at a steady price of 0.00000001 BTC which is equivalent to 1 satoshi per Valorbit. While checking the C-Cex trade orders, I noticed that the majority of orders were from people who want to sell their Valorbits in an effort to exchange for a more stable currency.

When I used the word stable, I mean that it can survive with all the other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc which are the most popular cryptocurrencies so far.

Do not worry, Valorbit has its own wallet for Windows, Mac and Linux. Also, it awards members in Valorbits for referring new users and sending allocated VAL gifts to friends.

You can sign up with my referral link if you want:
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