Hash Ocean down. Suspected foul-play

Cloud mining service, Hash Ocean, has been down for several days now with no hint that it might return, or pay out earnings to existing users or the time being.

First noticed by CoinTelegraph, they noticed the Hash Ocean has been down for almost 6 days and after some research, noticed that the Hash Ocean Youtube channel and Facebook page has been removed and is nowhere to be found.

Many Hash Ocean users have already posted continuously on Reddit and other social networks how annoyed and scared they are that they lost their funds, with even one user losing 1.75 BTC to the service.

As of today, hashocean.com is parked to another webpage rather than the regular HashOcean homepage and a recent post of the domain registration has the Bitcoin community debating whether to report HashOcean to the authorities or should they wait to see if it will go back online.

Screenshot by BTCfacts.blogspot.ca

Nowadays, cloud mining has become a very popular way of mining your favourite cryptocurrencies because it is cheap and easier than setting up your own mining equipment. All you just need to do is give the cloud mining company a portion of your earned Bitcoin. But the problem now is fake cloud mining services which make cloud mining very suspicious, practically tarnishing professional cloud mining companys' brands and trust of the customers.

While some services such as Faucet Miner give very low mining and mainly have a faucet, it pretty much is a faucet and very little funds go in and out. Everyone knows that faucets can stay and go quick so not a very large volume of Dogecoin goes through FaucetMiner because everyone knows the potential risk of putting money into faucets.

Cloud mining on the other hand is the most painful. Since Hash Ocean is down with no pre-warning or option to withdraw users' funds, a ponzi-scheme is suspected.

Originally, I was planning to discuss Hash Ocean in a post but luckily I didn't, I just didn't have enough information or research to confirm that Hash Ocean was a legitimate cloud mining company. Now, Hash Ocean will have to be quick before the Bitcoin community and its loyal users start a war.

No warnings, no withdrawal options, what do you think of this? Is it a hack or a real scam? Have you tried contacting their support, if you remember what the email is?

Source: CoinTelegraph

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